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Hothouse is located at the work space shared between design studio Currency and art collective INTER—MISSION with the interest of opening and sharing our resources, whether that be space, equipment or knowledge. We are interested in providing a space for processes and experimentation.

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Hot House
Re-presentation #7
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Exotica, Tropica, Hortica

From the real world to the blockchain, the research showcase will explore and dissect the current trends in variegated plant collecting, all the way to buying and selling collectibles in the NFT marketplace and the parallels that exist between the two seemingly separate economies.

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Hot House
Presentation #9 Hotdesk

Baben Shin

Hot House
Presentation #8 Intermedia

Thomas Ragnar

Hot House
Presentation #7 Hotdesk

Jake Tan & Ernest Wu

Hot House
Presentation #6 Mindspace

Irina Aristarkhova

Hot House
Presentation #5 Mindspace

Tan Kai Syng

Hot House
Presentation #4 Hotdesk

Rafi Abdullah