Mindspace+ is a new series that expands its horizons beyond the local to chart international conditions of media art.

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About Cyberfeminisms

About the talk:
This lecture surveys instances of cyberfeminism in the 2000s in the United States and Singapore. It spans different strands of feminist and transfeminist work by artists subRosa, Margaret Tan, and micha cárdenas. In examining their performative and research-based practices, Jeannine proposes that these cyberfeminisms not only rethought relationships between online selves and corporeal bodies, but used reproductive labor and durational time to intervene into cultures of net.art, biotech and virtual reality in the new millennium.

For all who are coming, the talk will be followed by an end-of-year mixer.

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Presentation #12
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Cyberfeminisms (Lecture)

Thank you all for joining the lecture ‘Cyberfeminisms after 2000' by Jeannine Tang. As we wrap up 2022, we hope the survey broadens your knowledge, and we look forward to bringing ourselves into the new year where we go and grow into new spaces for feminisms~

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Jeannine Tang